I Should Have Loved You From Afar

© Maja Palra Music Publishing, 2011

Sometimes, it's just better to keep your distance.

I wanted a retro sound. So, I used a Korg DW8000 (Preset 13) for the organ and a Yamaha RX11 for the snare. Originally, it was going to be just organ, bass and drums but it was a little too bare bones (translation: boring). Some guitar responses to the vocal lines makes it more interesting. OK, so I'm a Knopfler wannabe.


I should have loved you from afar but I had to reach and touch.
Now, I don't know where you are and I'm missing you so much.
If I could have some of your time; hear what's on your mind,
I know that it would be worthwhile for us to try and reconcile.
I'd rather have you for my friend and see you when I may
But instead I did offend. So, you've left and gone away.

I have my moments good and bad. Rarely, I regret the past.
Since the day that I lost you, I don't know when I've been so blue
'Cause it's so seldom that I find someone of like mind.
My only hope is that you care this weight/wait is more than I can bear.
When I reach and call your name, I find that you're not there
But your memory remains, though you've vanished in the air.

Of all the stupid things I've done, causing you to turn and run
Has filled my life with so much pain, turned my sunshine into rain.
I guess I have what I deserve for leaving nothing in reserve
To escape this misery. If you would only talk to me.
It does not matter what you say: "Hello. Goodbye.", meet me halfway.
There is this silent, empty space only your smile can replace.

If we ever meet again to restore a sorrowed friend,
What a happy day, you'll see -- set our troubled spirits free
But if you never come my way, what a heavy price to pay
For a moment in your arms and a taste of your sweet charms.
The unpardonable sin, margin of error, oh, so thin.
Can you find it in your heart for us to make another start?

I should have loved you from afar but I had to reach and touch.
Now, I wonder where you are and long to hear from you so much.

Korg DW8000

Yamaha RX11

PRS Swamp Ash Special

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