52 Years Ago

© Maja Palra Music Publishing, 2011

This love song was written for, and dedicated to, Mom. She will always have a special place in my heart. Hopefully, you can identify with the sentiment penned in these lyrics.

When I was a boy, most evenings, Mom would put my brother and me to bed and then play the piano and sing for a while. The piano used to record this song is the same Ellington upright she used to play. Sometimes at night, I can still hear those concerts.



1923/01/21 - 2014/06/02


I was born 52 years ago.
Did you know how life would run so fast?
One by one you watched your children grow
And leave behind memories from the past.
When I think about you, Mother, and the games we used to play,
I love you more than I could ever say.

And I recall quite a few years ago,
You'd wake me up and help me through my day
And time back then, how it seemed so slow
But I grew up and left to find my way.
Please don't say to me, dear Mother, that you're growing old.
As when a boy, I don't like being told.

But I was born 52 years ago
And with you holds the secret to my life.
You've given me your heart of gold
And 20 years that quickly passed you by.
And when you look into the mirror, I know you see the change,
But to me, Mom, you'll always look the same.

Dad and Mom moved here soon after they were
married where they lived until they were no longer able to care for themselves.

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