Come Back to Me

© Maja Palra Music Publishing, 2011

Sometimes, you know your paths only are going to intersect for a short while. It's not easy to know what to do when the attraction is so strong.


You came my way. You crossed my path
Like a hundred other women having problems with their past.
As time went by, we grew familiar.
I opened up my mind to you not knowing that my heart would too.
Now, you want me to explain emotions that ignite this flame.

I tried to suppress those awkward feelings
Knowing there could never be a way you would want for me
But I reached back and you stretched forward
And though we live in different worlds, I touched the woman in the girl
Knowing soon we'd be apart; take the chance I'd break your heart.

I don't mean you wrong but I'm a thief.
To hold you in my arms leaves my mind in disbelief.
You are so sweet, like a spring flower
Aware I do not have the right lying here with you tonight.
The pleasure of your tenderness takes away this emptiness.

Your time has come. You must go free.
Another place is calling you far away from me.
We must let go and say goodbye
But if you ever need a friendly smile, arms to hold you for a while,
Words to tell you it's OK, a kiss to send you on your way,
Come back to me.

I hope you find a good man who loves you.
A man who you can call your own,
Never let you be alone,
Comfort you and shield from pain,
Make you soon forget my name.

Young Chang Piano

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