Rats In Baltimore


Are these images of our beloved Baltimore
or a set from The Walking Dead?
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The Washington Post reports Baltimore has 16,000 abandoned homes. 16,000??? Can that really be true?! If you want to know if your policies are working, just watch to see which way the people run. Apparently, residents have been fleeing Baltimore for some time. What does that tell you?

There is hope for some of the Amercian Ice Company building at 2100 W. Franklin St. as renovations are taking place for a "mixed use event space" to be completed in 2020. Go Baltimore!

The Mayfair Theatre at 508 N. Howard St. was considered one of the finest showhouses in Baltimore if not the U.S. The video reports the interior was "painted in rich golds, dramatic reds and creamy whites all lit by hundreds of lights clustered on crystal chandeliers." -- Theresa Donnely, UMBC. It must have been beautiful. The roof has since collapsed but some of the seating remains.

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Elijah Cummings (may he RIP) criticized Trump for tweeting that Baltimore is a "rodent infested mess", but a video has surfaced showing Cummings calling Baltimore "a drug infested area" and saying he witnessed people he knew as teenagers "walking around like zombies". Where was the outrage then? Imagine the uproar and accusations of racism if Trump had uttered those same words. That's how the outrage/racism game is played: it's OK for Cummings to call Baltimore "drug infested" -- NOT OK for Trump to call Baltimore "rodent infested". I find this obvious hypocrisy frustrating. The sad reality is, both men are correct. Both comments are true.

I find it interesting that people object to Trump pointing out what Baltimore's residents have had to put up with, especially in the black community. At least Trump cares enough to speak out. On the flip side, where was Obama's voice the eight years he was President? The appearance is, Black Lives Don't Matter to black politicians if the "rodent infested mess" that's been created can be laid at the feet of Democrats.