Countdown to Doomsday -- or not

October, 2030


In October of 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, citing an IPCC report, declared in this video, "We basically have 12 years left to address climate change or else future generations will experience cataclismic consequences ... We need wartime mobilization around climate change ... I don't see any larger threat to our existence than climate change and it's going to take a really full economic mobilization* in order for us to address it." So, I created the Countdown to Doomsday counter above.

* Notice where the discussion of climate change always progresses: "really full economic mobilization". Translation? They demand more and more money. That might not mean much to you today, but it will in years to come.

I have been hearing this doom and gloom since the 1970s. You wouldn't believe all the catastrophe that was supposed to happen by the year 2000. Well, Y2K came and went over 18 years ago (as of 2019) and NONE of their dire predictions** have come to pass -- and what do the Global Warmers do? They recycle the same warnings and rechedule Doomsday. No, Greta, the earth is not melting. You and your friends will be just fine and will not be living in a world where it's nearly impossible to breathe.

Those who have stolen your childhood are the ones lying to you and creating panic about how the planet will be uninhabitable in 11 years. Shame on them! and I created this web page for you to visit as the years go by to remind you. In about 11 years, you will know who was lying to you and who was telling you the truth.

** Dire Predictions I heard along the way to occur by the year 2000
Again, Y2K came and went and NONE of their dire predictions came to pass. Also, keep in mind, the years leading up to Y2K were before you were born. So, you are not aware that the same warnings and predictions of catastrophe have been circulating for decades. In 11 years, when you are 27, our coastlines will be exactly where they are today, just as they were decades ago when I was 16, and you will have the same revelation I had -- that Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever it gets called, is not science but a political movement disguised as science. You will realize you've been had and that you were panicked for no good reason, other than an attempt at political advantage. Climate alarmists want power and influence over you and how you live, and demand you pay indulgences (ever more taxation) for the environmental sins of heating/cooling your home, driving an automobile, having children, and even exhaling CO2.

I heard part of your address to the U.N. and recall you saying: "How dare you?". I would say something similar -- but for a differing reason. How dare they put fear into the hearts of our youth, and cause them to feel betrayed and on the brink of extinction?

Our existence is not Mother Nature's only ghastly mistake. Your existence is not pollution but a gift. In a few years, if you want to have a family of your own, go for it -- guilt free. Believe the doomsayers if you so choose, but you will live an angry and fearful life, and that's no way to live. Don't get caught up in mass hysteria. The end, because of climate change, is not near.