For Those Suffering From ATDS

Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome

Glitter and Gold, Ocean City, MD Boardwalk


I walked into a jewelry store on the boardwalk during
SpringFest, 2017, and the owner attacked me. She took
one look at me and I thought her head was going
to explode. I can't imagine why. Does she greet
all her visitors this way? It must be tough to stay
in business if you kill off your customers.

Actually, we shop there all the time.
Patty is terrific and we always have a good time.
She has the best jewelry in O.C. We almost always
put something on layaway. Next time you are in O.C.,
stop by and have a look around, but don't tell her I sent
you and don't wear your Make America Great Again hat.

This is a Little Scarey


The animated gif to the right was downloaded
from a commenter on a Yahoo news item. Uh, Oh.
Perhaps, there is good reason for the mass hysteria
out there.

Trump Protestor and Supporter Meet
at Trump Hotel, Washington, D.C.

2016/11/16 12:42


November 16, 2016

D.C. homeless Trump protestor and Maryland supporter
had an unplanned meeting shortly after the election
outside Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. They discussed
their political differences, which did not stop them
from finding common ground and making friends.

As best I can paraphrase that great sage, Rodney King:
"Can't we all just get along?"